A look behind the scenes – how it is done

Teamhold has been in the holiday decoration business for a long time already. Seasonal ornaments are traditionally relying on a lot of handwork. The painting, the glittering, adding the details – all these techniques start with the sturdy hand of one of our skilled designers. We also have been using the latest techniques to make life a bit easier for our people and prices more competitive for you. Normally for each season we follow a procedure. In this blog we want to introduce the way we work and the techniques we use.


At Teamhold we make use of a wide range of materials and decoration ways that makes that each product is beautiful and valuable. The magic words when deciding the best material combination are ‘Texture and Layering’. Understanding every feature of each material, what it does, what it brings is step one and when we use various materials it’s the contrasts of their diff­erences together that makes an item surprising and inspiring.

Knowing which designs suits our different customers best is also one of the most important factors to achieve proper value in product lines: which patterns, shapes, and combinations will make the hearts of our end consumers go faster and which geographic area responds better to what detail. It’s best to use particular icons in each trend to easily distinguish the feeling of a certain theme keeping the traditions and favorites of each region and customer in mind. We have a lot of experience with this.


With the use of tools and techniques like stamp screens, stickers, and silkscreens when transferring the delicate patterns on the ornaments, every design is executed neatly and accurately, also during mass production. We have a wide selection of automated machines to make sure each item is as good as the sample you selected. Apart from these automated tools, most products are carefully studied and finished by hand to achieve consistency and make sure all details are finished to perfection.

Selection of accessories and sparkling attachments is important too. To achieve layers and textures, working with several types of glitters is a must. Using di­fferent shapes and sizes and focusing on color combinations is also a key to creating a good item. There are many raw materials in the market for us to use and more are created and invented monthly. Our job is to stay updated and to use the best materials we can get. And a lot of this is glitter so it’s a party every day for us!