Countdown to Christmas!

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year! Even though we make a lot of seasonal decorations every year and we decorate our trees when it’s 39 degrees Celsius outside, we still love the holidays. We have a lot of things we would like to show you, our showroom is brimming over with pretty decorations and hangers and we came up with the idea to use Advent calendars to show the count down and in order to stay true to the tradition we also show a little ‘treat’ every day as is custom with Advent calendars.

We will show highlights from our new Winter 2022/2023 collections over the coming 25 days before Christmas. We have a beautiful line of collections for the new season:

  • Noble Traditions  
  • Winter Welcome
  • Magical Winter
  • Modern Christmas
  • Christmas cocktail
  • Simply Wonderful


      Over the next couple of weeks we will show nice details from all these collections and introduce them to you. We are very proud of our work and this seems the best way to share this with you. We hope you enjoy!