Our Design!

A catalogue like the one we presented last month is filled with hundreds and hundreds of nice and shiny objects. Our passion is Christmas and we design and make decorations for people to enjoy literally all over the world. It’s a lot of work and time is pretty limited. We have a system we developed years ago and has proven itself many times over.



To start our new collection we need input. What are new materials, what are new colors, what are new trends, what are new habits? Many questions in need of an answer. We work with a big team of designers at Teamhold. Our product designers are mainly from the Philippines, famed for its creativity and passion for happy family time. Our product specialists and sample makers are from China, experts in making new items in an efficient and commercial way. Our trend forecasters and product designers are from Holland and Belgium, both in the middle of Europe they see all what is new and what is happening. Together we kick of the season with a trend forecast. This is the base on which we choose our new topics and color cards. We keep our customers and potential customers well in mind together with our sales team – every market has specific wishes to consider.


We make elaborate mood boards for each collection with inspiration images, material references, shape ideas and color swatches –basically all the ingredients we need to start the collections.
Colors come next, a very important part in our design process. We use Pantone colors to decide the main color card and work together with our in-house experts to make sample colors on the actual baubles – so we can see what the color does when made in metallic – our specialty.
Trips to the material markets is next. There are many in the South of China and we try to keep up to date on what fabrics are available, what glitter, what pu/pvc etc. These steps are all important to gather the ingredients before we can start the actual design. We will tell you all the ins and outs in our next blog. Give us a shout if you like to know more details what we do, we love to talk about our work!