Ready for Take-off - our 2022 Teamhold Christmas Catalogue is almost ready

Welcome to this first blog of our totally new website. We have worked hard these couple of weeks to finish our new collection for Christmas 2022. We prepared 8 topics with many new and creative tree decorations, hangers, table items, garlands, wreaths and of course the actual Christmas trees. We have been doing this for many years already but this and last season are kind of special because everything needs to be done digital. Customers aren't able to travel and we cannot visit the fairs (which aren't being held). 

We found out that by making a digital catalogue, our customers can pick and choose the latest items pretty easy and that is why we are right in the middle of making N02. - Season 2022 right now. The items are ready and we have a big team of stylists and photographers trying to catch the best angle of each item and making nice settings to catch the idea behind each collection. The new catalogue will be filled with these items and we are currently trying our best to show the whole collection in the way you would see it as if you were visiting our showroom.

In order to ensure that the digital catalogue is viewed optimally and to give you more sneak peaks behind the scene, we have completely renewed our website. The landing page gives you a taste of what is to come, we included the past trends of 2021 and a preview 0f 2022. We explain all our product groups in detail and give some background on our company. And last but not least we have started to post our favorites on Social Media. Instagram and LinkedIn will help us from now on to share with you what we love to do. 

We love to hear from you.

Charles and the Teamhold Team!