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Clear Ball

S/4 8cm Clear Ball With Glass Beads

Product no. Cnd096

Pumpkin Ball

S/4 8cm Two Tone Pumpkin Ball With Beads

Product no. Cnd111

Embossed Leaf Ball

S/6 7cm Embossed Leave Ball With White Brush

Product no. Cnd150

Marble Ball

S/4 8cm Marble Ball

Product no. Cnd680

Acorn With Glass Beads

S/2 12cm Acorn With Glass Beads

Product no. Cnd634

Two Tone Open Leaf Ball

12cm Two Tone Open Leaf Ball 2/ Set

Product no. Cnd642

Wooden Animals

8cm Wooden Animals With Pinecone Tassel 3/ Set

Product no. Cnd245

Glitter Painting Snowflake

12cm Glitter Painting Snowflake 2/ Set

Product no. Cnd595

Wooden Painting Star

11cm Wooden Painting Star

Product no. Cnd597

Textile Panel Ball

10cm Textile Panel Ball With Deco

Product no. Cnd382

Jute Gift Bag

16cm Jute Gift Bag 2/ Set

Product no. Cnd288

Wire Star/Flat Ball

11cm Wire Star/Flat Ball With Deco 2/ Set

Product no. Cnd602

Wooden Fox/Squirrel/Moose

16cm Wooden Fox/Squirrel/Moose 3/ Set

Product no. Cnd325

Wooden Snowflake Tree

38.5cm Wooden Snowflake Tree With Star

Product no. Cnd622

Wooden Angel

21cm Wooden Angel

Product no. Cnd607

Wooden Painted Table Deco

37cm Wooden Painted Table Deco

Product no. Cnd610


26cm Reindeer With Golden Leave

Product no. Cnd527

Sisal Table Tree

40cm Sisal Table Tree

Product no. Cnd521