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Plated Painting Plastic Ball

S/4 8cm Plated Painting Plastic Ball With Glass Beads

Product no. Cnb044

Transparent Open Ball

S/4 8cm Transparent Open Ball With Snow Power Inside

Product no. Cnb140

Ball Stick Paper

S/6 6cm Ball Stick Paper With Glitter

Product no. Cnb322

Plastic Painting Star

S/4 12cm Plastic Painting Star With Sequins

Product no. Cnb176

Plated Brushed Pine Cone

S/2 13cm Plated Brushed Pine Cone

Product no. Cnb190

Transparent Open Star

S/2 10cm Transparent Open Star With Deco Inside

Product no. Cnb372

Plastic Half 3D Ball

S/2 10cm Plastic Painting Plastic Half 3D Ball

Product no. Cnb371

Hollow Hanging Deco

10.5cm Wooden Laser Painting Hollow Hanging Deco

Product no. Cnb412

Rattan Wrapped Wire Star

18cm Rattan Wrapped Wire Star

Product no. Cnb494

Painting Hanging Deco

S/6 5.5-8.5cm Wooden Laser Painting Hanging Deco,

Product no. Cnb404

Painting Santa Head

15-17cm Wooden Flat Painting Santa Head

Product no. Cnb452


12cm Fabric Cloth Wrapped Star/Heart/Tree

Product no. Cnb707


11-12cm Fabric Cloth Wrapped Animal

Product no. Cnb469 A

Star Tree Topper

21*26cm plated Wire Star Tree Topper

Product no. Cnb503

Plastic Flocked Painting Deer

32cm Plastic Flocked Painting Deer

Product no. Cnb310

Felt Santa

45cm Felt Santa Take Gift Parcel

Product no. Cnb763

Wooden Box With Deco

30*6.5*21.5cm Wooden Box With Deco, With 10Led Light

Product no. Cnb611

House Table Deco

30*7*18cm Wooden Laser Hollow House Table Deco

Product no. Cnb764