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Wooden "Merry Christmas"

36cm Wooden "Merry Christmas" With Deer

Product no. CVX068

Wooden Open Star

20cm Wooden Open Star With Deco 2 Asst

Product no. CVX069

Table Tree Ornament

25cm Table Tree Ornament 2 Asst

Product no. CXM309

Rocking Horse

12.5*15cm Rocking Horse Table Ornament

Product no. CXM051

Tree Table Ornament

21.4cm Tree Table Ornament

Product no. CXM293

House Table Ornament

21.8cm House Table Ornament

Product no. CXM290

Tower Table Ornament

45cm Tower Table Ornament

Product no. CXM056

Natural fiber Tree

47cm fiber Tree

Product no. CVX064

Flocked Deer

32cm Flocked Deer With Pipe Sequins

Product no. CXM305

Santa With Deco

45cm Santa With Deco

Product no. CXM318


60cm Nutcracker

Product no. CXM313


40cm Angel

Product no. CXM320

Dome With Deco

13*19cm Dome With Deco 10 Rice Lights

Product no. CXM310

House Ornament

25cm House Ornament 10 Led Lights Music

Product no. CXM348

3D House

23*7*14.5cm 3D House 5 Led Lights

Product no. CXM347

Wooden Table Tree

26cm Wooden Table Tree With 5 Led 3 Asst

Product no. CVX070

Calendar Frame

35.5*5.5*27cm Calendar Frame 10 Led Lights

Product no. CXM350

2D House Deco

18*4*25cm 2D House Deco 2 Asst 10 Led Lights

Product no. CXM345