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Frosted Ball

S/4 8cm Frosted Ball With Screen Print

Product no. Cvx135

Ball With Glass Bead

S/4 8cm Ball With Glass Bead And Snowflake

Product no. Cvx112

Ball With Sequins

S/4 8cm Two Tone Ball With Sequins

Product no. Cvx100

Ball With Checker

S/6 6cm Glossy Glue Paper Ball With Checker

Product no. Cvx137

Geometric Reindeer

S/3 13cm Geometric Reindeer 3/ Set Mix

Product no. Cvx169

Star With Glass Fragments

S/4 12cm Star With Glass Fragments

Product no. Cvx132

Tartan Hat/Stocking/Glove

13cm Tartan Hat/Stocking/Glove 3/ Set

Product no. Cvx182

School Bag

12cm School Bag 2/ Set

Product no. Cvx046

Scattered Mushroom

S/4 8.5*6.5cm Scattered Mushroom With Metal Clip

Product no. Cvx156

Wooden House With Tree

10cm Wooden House With Tree

Product no. Cvx253

Angel Wings With Deco

10cm Angel Wings With Deco

Product no. Cvx232

Wooden Mail Box

9.5cm Wooden Mail Box

Product no. Cvx030

Textile Santa With Hat

17.5cm Textile Santa With Hat

Product no. Cvx328

Table Tree

31cm Table Tree Jute Wrapped Base 3/ Set

Product no. Cvx320

Reindeer With Snow

32cm Reindeer With Snow

Product no. Cvx317

Wooden Tree With Snow

12*5*35cm Wooden Tree With Snow

Product no. Cvx360

House With 10 Led Light

30cm House With 10 Led Light(No Battery)

Product no. Cvx371

Wooden Calendar With Tree

26cm Wooden Calendar With Tree

Product no. Cvx067